dbt-coves is very much under active development. Development happens on datacoves/dbt-coves. We absolutely would welcome any help from feature requests, discussion in issues, help with database connector testing to actual code changes! 🤗.

What is dbt-coves?

dbt-coves is a command-line interface tool that allows dbt users apply analytics engineering best practices by initalizating new dbt projects, generating models and model properties or running code quality checks.

Here's the tool in action


Overview of Current Features

Init Task

  • Initializes a new ready-to-use dbt project that includes recommended integrations such as sqlfluff, pre-commit, dbt packages, among others.
  • Uses a cookiecutter template to make it easier to maintain.

Generate Task

  • Code generation tool to easily generate models and model properties based on configuration and existing data.
  • Supports Jinja templates to adjust how the resources are generated.

Check Task

  • Runs a set of checks in your local environment to ensure high quality data.
  • Checks can be extended by implementing pre-commit hooks.

What has recently changed?

We maintain and keep our CHANGELOG up to date on the GitHub repository. Head over there if you want to see all the changes since the last release.